Application for Alumni / Graduate Membership

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I, being of sound body and mind, and believing ion the existence of Beta Phi Pi, herewith present myself as a candidate for membership, and if accepted, I promise to abide by and obey the, Oaths and By-Laws of the fraternal order of Beta Phi Pi.  I declare that I have not been rejected by any active chapter or colony within the past year, nor do I stand suspended by any chapter within the order of Beta Phi Pi.

I further understand that until this application for membership is approved, accepted, and I am initiated, I shall not be entitled to benefits of any kind in accordance with the laws of the fraternity of Beta Phi Pi.

I understand that if I do not complete initiation within sixty (60) days after my notice of election to membership, my initiation fee will be forfeited, and my application for membership cancelled.

I certify that I have read carefully all the foregoing conditions, and that my answers on this application are true and correct.  I also agree that in the event of my failure to pay my dues to Beta Phi Pi on or before the date due, my membership in the Fraternity shall be classified as in-active according to the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternal Order of Beta Phi Pi.

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Attaching Files

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