Beta Phi Pi is founded on the belief that all men are created equally and would not subject perspective members to any form of physical, intellectual, emotional and/or spiritual abuse known as "hazing." Instead, the fraternity would seek to uplift individuals, promote positive images and build strong, successful leaders who will make a difference in their communities.

Policy on Hazing

All members of Beta Phi Pi are I urged to obey the federal state local and institutional laws regarding hazing. Each members responsible to learn and understand the rules of conduct as it pertains to the Law.  Federal, State, Local and Institutional law supersedes anything written in Beta Phi Pi's policy.

Beta Phi Pi's policy may be changed or discarded in part and it's entirety as new laws and regulations are made known.

Although historically related to fraternities/sororities, hazing may occur within any organization.  Examples of such action include but are not limited to:

  • All forms of strenuous physical activity, not a part of an organized, voluntary athletic contest, or not specifically directed toward constructive work that might reasonably be expected to bring physical harm to the individual.
  • Paddling, beating, pushing, or in any other way permitting anyone to strike a student
  • Activities that interfere with the students academic program (lots of sleep, study time, etc.)
  • Coercing a student to eat or drink.
  • Abduction, road trips, etc. which are conducted in a manner which endangers the health or safety of a prospective or active member
  • Subjecting a student to cruel psychological conditions
  • Behavior which disrupts the normal functioning of the University or is disruptive to the normal living environment
  • Any requirement which forces a student to participate in any activity which is illegal, publicly indecent, morally degrading, or contrary to the University rules and regulations