Why Beta?

We are a young organization, in a social society filled with tradition it is imperative that we create a definite direction. We in Beta believe that every member is an integral part of forging that new tradition. Therefore we pride ourselves on our silent battle cry "The Making of a Legacy".

We believe that every member that comes into Beta could potentially be in the driving seat of this organization. We have a very strong entrepreneurial spirit about ourselves. We want our members to believe their actions will directly effect the entire organization. We challenge our members to step up to a new level every year. 


• Opportunities to participate in programs which will develop views on society and increase personal growth 
• Professional networking
• Intricate roles within the organization which will help determines the fraternity future course
• First class social activities
• First hand experience in building and organizing membership. Due to the relative youth of Beta Phi Pi; it is a vital necessity that serious, business minded, and qualified leaders are identified and chosen for membership in to Beta Phi Pi.