The process to become a member of Beta Phi Pi is crucial to the growth and stability of the fraternity.  This process is important for several reasons. Primarily, this process serves as an introduction to the principles and ideas that are the foundation of this organization.

Secondly, it has a significant effect on how potential members will perform once they have become a part of this organization.  Finally, this process affords each individual the opportunity to emphasize desirable characteristics such as unity while discouraging undesirable characteristics such as undisciplined behavior.  Consequently, the manner in which this process is conducted will have a tremendous impact on the potential members as well as current one's.

It is important that each individual take full advantages of the opportunities afforded by this process to emphasize the desirable traits needed to ensure the success and growth of Beta Phi Pi fraternity.  In doing so, members of Beta Phi Pi must accept the responsibility of assuring that the membership process is a positive learning experience.

This task may be accomplished by making the overall process an accurate representation of the principles and ideas of this organization.  However, it is equally important that potential members are challenged without being abused.  By keeping this responsibility in mind as the process is conducted, Beta Phi Pi Fraternity will be successful in providing a fulfilling experience while producing quality brothers that can support the goal of this organization.