Application For Membership


I, being of sound body and mind, and believing in the existence of Beta Phi Pi, herewith present myself as a candidate for membership, and if accepted, I promise to abide by and obey the Oaths and By-Laws of the fraternal order of Beta Phi Pi.  I declare that I have not been rejected by any chapter or colony within the past year, nor do I stand suspended by any chapter within the order of Beta Phi Pi.

I further understand that until this application for membership is accepted and approved, and I obtain membership, I shall not be entitled to benefits of any kind in accordance with the laws of the fraternity of Beta Phi Pi Fraternity, Incorporated.

I understand that if my membership application is not approved within sixty (60) days after my notice of election to membership, my application for membership cancelled.

I certify that I have read carefully all the foregoing conditions, and that my answers on this application are true and correct.

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